Zaino Show Car Polish Products

ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive

ZFX, with Flash Cure  (patent pending), is a revolutionary new polish enhancement additive that's exclusive to the Zaino Show Car Polish system.  There's never been anything quite like ZFX, and here's why:

  • All polish, sealant and wax protection systems must "cure" before they can effectively protect your paint.  Once cured, all paint protection systems begin to deteriorate.  The rate of deterioration depends on many factors, including the chemicals used, bonding qualities, weather, washing, and use of the car.

  • A very few specialty paint protection systems can be layered to increase protection and paint appearance.  Layer-able systems must cure prior to application of subsequent coats.  Depending on the product, cure time may take a few hours or a few days.

  • For lasting protection, most synthetic sealants are formulated to be hard.  If not properly designed, synthetic sealants may crack, yellow or distort the optics of the paint surface.  

ZFX is a Zaino Show Car Polish acceleration and appearance additive.  It offers near-instant cure time, reduced surface distortion, enhanced polish flexibility, and improved bonding to both paint and additional layers of Zaino Show Car Polish.  In simple terms, ZFX vastly improves paint surface appearance and increases polish durability.

ZFX is the product of more than 30 years experience painting show cars.  Professional painters add chemicals and compounds to their paint mix prior to painting to improve paint flexibility, reduce paint imperfections, increase hardness, and improve gloss. We applied this same line of thinking in the development of ZFX. The result is a stunning professional show car finish with less effort, no waiting and longer-lasting results.

ZFX can be used with any of our Show Car Polish products, including Z-2, Z-3 and Z-5.  Plus, ZFX makes using Z-1 "Polish Lok" unnecessary on cars that have been clayed and thoroughly cleaned with Dawn dishwashing liquid.

When we say "acceleration," we mean it!  Adding ZFX to any one of our Show Car Polishes prior to use is like kicking an F-14 Tomcat into afterburner.  The competition just can't compete... we'll shoot them down every time.  Perfect shine, less time -- guaranteed!

Z-2 Pro Show Car Polish for clear coated finishes

Our customers describe Z-2 Pro Show Car Polish with one wordAWESOME! Z-2 was created to enhance and protect the flawless paintwork of the finest custom show cars in the world; imagine what it will do for your car. Z-2 Show Car Polish contains state-of-the-art optical enhancers and gloss additives to enhance the color and clarity of your paint. It is 99.9% optically perfect. Z-2 contains Ultra-Gard UV(40) sunscreen for the ultimate protection against fading and shrinking. Additionally, our special flex agent restores the gloss on rubber and plastic painted parts.

Z-2 bonds with the paint and gets wetter, deeper and richer with multiple coats. Z-2 contains no abrasives, harmful silicone oils, or yellowing carnauba wax. Z-2 is the easiest and quickest polish you will ever use. It will not streak, yellow, smear, film or haze (even on black) in any situation. It leaves no powder or white residue in cracks, is non-greasy, non-oily, anti-static, does not attract dust or dirt and can be applied in the sun or shade. Z-2 polish is a true paint protectant and is designed to replace traditional waxes. It gives your paint finish total environmental protection. Nothing sticks to Zaino Show Car polish. It will outperform, out-protect, outshine and outlast anything on the market today. Guaranteed!

The first application of Z-2 Show Car Polish produces an incredible wet-looking, durable gloss. This is fine for the average vehicle. A second coat of Z-2 will simply amaze you in terms of wetness, slickness and optical clarity. The third coat, well, simply put it's AWESOME!

Z-3 Show Car Polish for regular paint 

Z-3 contains the same basic formula as Z-2 Show Car Polish, but also includes a custom blend of emulsifiers to gently clean, condition and maintain regular paints, which tend to oxidize, shrink and lose their resiliency quicker. Z-3 contains special filling agents for fine scratches, buffing and swirl marks and a flex agent that is compatible with single stage urethanes, lacquers, enamels, lucite, Imron, acrylics and older paint formulations.

Z-5 Show Car Polish for swirl marks & fine scratches 

Z-5 is the first non-abrasive polish that helps eliminate swirl marks, fine scratches and spidering, without hurting the integrity of the clear coat. With each application of Z-5 polish, you will see the swirl marks and fine scratches gradually lessen, until the marks are no longer visible (usually one to three applications). Although this procedure may seem time consuming, the results are well worth it. This is the only non-abrasive way a swirl mark problem should be addressed and corrected. Z-5 can be used right over Z-2. For the highest gloss follow Z-5 with a coat of Z-2.

Z-6 Ultra Clean "Gloss Enhancer" spray 

Z-6 Gloss Enhancer spray dramatically boosts and intensifies all Show Car Polishes. Use Z-6 for fast cleaning of dust, water spots and light soil between washings and to give your car that show winning edge. Z-6s seven optical clarifiers and its unique wet gloss enhancers form a tough molecular bond with Show Car Polish to increase the depth of gloss, optical clarity, slickness, durability and reinforce the UV(40) protection. Its super anti-static formula reduces dust and dirt pickup by up to 60%. Z-6 will not streak, smear, haze, dull, scratch or leave a film. Less than one ounce does an average car.

NEW! Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal

Z-6 on steroids, glossier and wetter looking. More of everything you've come to expect from Zaino.

Z-7 Show Car Wash

A concentrated blend of special cleaners, UV blockers and Show Car Polish that conditions and enhances the gloss of painted vehicles each time it is used. Does not contain detergents, alkalines or acids. Our special water-based lubricant prevents dirt and soil from scratching the paint finish when washing. Unique foaming agents produce longer-lasting, dirt encapsulating suds. Rinses completely, leaving a non-spotting, non-filming, streak-free, just-polished look. Z-7 Show Car Wash was designed to deep clean and increase the paint gloss every time it is used.


Z-9 'Leather Soft' spray cleaner

An alkaline-free blend of emulsifiers, mink oil and synthetic lanolin used to safely clean all fine leather surfaces. Z-9 removes soil and stains without harming the natural oils in leather. Will not cause leather to crack, shrink or dry out. Z-9 will restore leather surfaces to like new condition. Perfect for all leather products. Excellent for vinyl too. After cleaning with Z-9, we suggest using Z-10 Leather in a Bottle Treatment and Conditioner to keep the leather supple, soft, protected and to enhance the leather scent.

Z-10 "Leather in a Bottle" treatment and conditioner

Z-10 Leather in a Bottle Treatment and Conditioner contains a perfectly balanced, solvent-free blend of special oils and other natural nutrients, which penetrate, soften and preserve the leather. Z-10 also has Ultra-Gard, a total UV protector (40) and an exclusive real leather oil concentrate. This feeds and enhances the leather scent, to give your vehicle that great new leather smell. Just wipe on and let dry, no buffing is necessary. It leaves a non-oily, non-greasy, non-sticky, stain repelling, natural luster and restores the warm, supple, soft feel, and smell of fine leather. Does a great job on vinyl interiors and dashboards too. One whiff and you will agree its Leather in a Bottle. This product has no equal.

Z-12 Clear-View Glass Polish

Finally, a glass cleaner and polish that really works. We have yet to find a stain that it did not remove. Formulated with modified cleaners and mild abrasives, Z-12 deep cleans and polishes all glass surfaces. Removes acid rain, water spots, road film, stubborn stains, annoying interior glass film and fine to medium scratches. This product will remove plasticizing (the hazy film that attaches to the inside of the windshield on all late model vehicles) in one application. Leaves glass crystal clear and sparkling. You will think the glass disappeared. Will not scratch or distort. Great for restoring old windshields. Can also be used to clean chrome and metal surfaces. For hand or machine use. Not for use on Coated Glass, tinting, painted or plastic surfaces.

Z-14 Plastic-Magic cleaner & polish

Z-14 safely cleans, restores and polishes clear or colored plastics from very thin to very thick, including, acrylic, Lexan, abs, Plexiglass and other hard plastics. It penetrates and seals tiny scratches and pores to increase surface clarity and reduce distortion. Z-14 dries fast and leaves no icky residue. It creates an ultra-slick, anti-static, smudge free surface. Z-14 is great for restoring old plastic lenses and other hard plastic parts to like new condition. Not for use on vinyl.

Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss

Z-16 Perfect Tire Gloss is a non-oily, non-greasy, rubber protectant and finishing treatment. Its unique formula with Ultra-Gard UV(40) and antistatic properties prevent your tires from drying, cracking or browning and repel dust and dirt. Z-16 leaves an incredibly durable, water repellent, perfect looking satin finish that's only slightly glossy and dry to the touch. Use on all exterior rubber, tires, moldings, plastic trim, weather stripping, under hood hoses and more. Just wet a sponge with Z-16 and apply to the surface to be treated and let dry. It will last thru rain and multiple washings. Z-16 is very durable and will last an average of 3 to 4 weeks on an outdoor car. Z-16 is not recommended for interior seats or vinyl tops.

For application, we sell a foam two-pack of applicators for only $3.50. Please see our website for more details.

Z-18 ClayBar

Z-18 ClayBar removes imbedded contamination from the paint finish that cannot be removed using conventional cleaning methods. Z-18 is non-abrasive and works like no cleaner, compound or chemical can. Z-18 is safe for use on all paint finishes. The following are some of the contaminants that Z-18 removes: Rail dusttiny, sharp bare metal shavings that adhere to and imbed in the paint. Most new vehicles are delivered via the railroad and start with a fine coating of rail dust. Youll get more anytime you park near railroad tracks or wait for a train. Brake dustsimilar to rail dust; since the advent of metallic brake pads, anytime a vehicle with them applies their brakes, brake dust is disbursed into the air and onto the paint. Even if you dont have metallic pads, the car next to you does! Industrial falloutthe general term used for pollution and dust which settles onto the paint finish. Other harmful itemstree sap, road tar, bug residue, paint over-spray, acid rain deposits and other contaminants. Contaminants that are left on the paint surface can weaken the protective properties and cause serious damage to the paint. Z-18 ClayBar is the ultimate way to clean the paint finish in preparation for Zaino polish.

Z-1 Show Car Polish Lok pre-cleaner and gloss conditioner

Z-1 Polish Lok is a very special base-coat foundation for our Show Car Polishes. It gently cleans, conditions and prepares the paint for Show Car Polish. Z-1 Polish Lok creates an optically perfect, flat molecular bond between paint and polish to increase light refraction and reflectivity. Use Z-1 twice a year on everyday vehicles and once a year on show cars. Zaino Bros' newest product, ZFX, may be used instead of Z-1.


4X5 cotton polish applicator

Our custom applicator is specially designed with a 100% cotton surface surrounding a silicone-free sponge and sewn with special reversed stitching to prevent scratching of paint surfaces. Dampen the applicator with a light mist of Z-6 or water before applying polish, allowing Show Car Polish to spread further and more evenly. Hand-wash the applicator using Liquid All or Tide and air dry. We recommend using one applicator per coat of polish when used with ZFX.

NEW! Z-PC FUSION Dual Action Paint Cleaner and Swirl Remover

Zaino's first abrasive product for paint. When either Z-5 won't do it, the years have taken their toll, or you just want your car looking as good as it can get, Z-PC will help get you there. Apply by hand or machine to help your car look better than new. Z-PC and a bit of elbow grease easily removes oxidation and minor imperfections and leaves your paint as smooth as silk.

Z-PC's advanced fused tri-particulate formula is the perfect prep for Zaino Show Car Polish Products. It is water-based with no fillers or oils. Zaino Fusion utilizes advanced, self-dissolving diminishing abrasives to safely and effectively clean your paint to showroom new condition. Z-PC can be used in sun or shade on cool surfaces.



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