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Product Spotlight : Towels
Need towels or Wash Mitts? We ship anywhere in the world!

If you’re in need of towels and don’t want the hassle of trying to find the right ones, we sell white 100% Cotton Made in the USA Supima Cotton towels with all of the preparation already done. 

We remove the seams, labels, selvedges and decoration and bind the edges with 100% cotton thread.  This essentially stops the towels from fraying. You might see the occasional thread peek out from the binding but that's as far as they get.  Mine have been through the wash 20 or 30 times since I first bound the edges this way and they are still perfect.

We also sell 100% cotton wash mitts made from those same Supima cotton towels.

For additional info on these products and the towels,
please visit the Towels Product Page

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