Tire Gloss Applicators
Nice rectangular tire contoured foam sponges, perfect for applying Z-16 to your tires.

$3.50 (2 Per Pack)

Cotton Tipped Detailing Stix
Similar to those white cotton tipped things you buy at the drug store, but designed for detailing cars. Two different ends on each stix, one round and tapered to a point and the other flat and spoon shaped. Perfect for getting into impossible cracks and crevices.

$3.00 (100)
$5.00 (2 x 100)

Extra Soft Washing Brush
Our supplier calls this an extra soft car washing brush!  However, I use it for washing my tires because it feels soft enough it won't hurt the rims.


Plastic Razor Blades
Surprisingly useful for when you need a razor blade but don't want to risk scratching. And at only $5.00 for a box of 100, you can't afford not to have these in your detailing box.

box of 100 for $5.00

Big Round Yellow Foam Applicators
Big, 4.5" diameter, easy to hold, round foam applicator. Perfect for hand application of mild compounds and swirl mark removers.


Got Zaino? shirt. Please specify small, medium, large or XL in the notes. Limited quantities.
Front: got zaino?
Rear: Zaino, it does a body good!!


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Additional Accessories

Speedy Surface Prep
If you're claying a lot of cars, Speedy Surface Prep is the answer.

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